Ethernet services are dramatically overhauling the world of business communications. Long dominant in the LAN, Ethernet is now carrier-class and has become the new communications service of choice for metro, national and international WAN connectivity.

Brought to you by the MEF (Metro Ethernet Forum), the global organization at the forefront of Carrier-Ethernet development, this seminar showcases how Ethernet services are enabling both traditional and cutting-edge IT application deployments, across numerous vertical markets and in all parts of the world.

With its fast, scalable and cost-effective characteristics, Ethernet is providing IT executives with the tools to drive down operating costs and at the same time, provide the forward-looking platform for new business-enabling IT applications.

Why this is a Can’t –Miss Event!
  • Learn what cost savings can be expected with Ethernet Business Services
  • Learn how Ethernet Services delivers a secure, scalable, robust communications platform to enable your business evolution and growth
  • Hear about Indian and global corporations that have migrated from slow, expensive, legacy communications services to fast, scalable Ethernet services AND saved money in the process

Who Should Attend?

Senior IT and Telecommunications professionals in medium to large enterprises:

  • CIOs, CFOs, CTOs
  • Directors of IT and MIS
  • Network /Telecom and Distributed Application Planners
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