Reducing Telecoms Costs, Increasing Speed, Performance and Scalability

With business becoming increasingly dependent on distributed and dynamically changing applications, the performance, cost and attributes of the network have replaced the performance of the computer as the fundamental decision point of IT strategy. This is the background that is driving emergence of Ethernet Business services as the dominant architecture for delivery of today’s and tomorrow’s key business applications.

Brought to you by the MEF (Metro Ethernet Forum), the global industry organization at the forefront of Ethernet Services definition and development, this all new seminar addresses the key questions of IT and applications deployment:

  • What are the key applications that benefit from Ethernet Business services and why?
  • What are the underlying attributes that make Ethernet Business Services ideal for today’s and tomorrow’s dynamically changing applications?
  • How has it assisted in specific, relevant vertical markets?
  • How are service providers providing these new scalable, standardized services locally, regionally, globally and seamlessly?
This seminar is a unique opportunity to engage industry experts assisting you to leverage advanced Ethernet Business Services to achieve greater cost efficiencies, optimize performance and improve the scalability of telecoms services infrastructure to meet current critical needs and future growth challenges.

Seminar Programme at a Glance (click here)

  • Press Conference: 15:00 - 16:00 PM
  • Registration: 16:30 PM
  • Seminar: 17:00 - 19:30 PM
  • Cocktails and Dinner: 19:30 – 22:30 PM

Key Topics

  • Introduction to Ethernet Business Services for end-users
  • Case studies and use cases for key applications
  • Ethernet Business Services availability and SLAs in India
  • On-stage service provider and business leader interviews and discussions

Key Participants

  • International MEF senior representatives
  • Business executives that have transitioned their networks to Ethernet Business Services
  • Senior industry analysts
  • Leading Indian service providers
  • Multi-national telecoms equipment manufacturers

Who Should Attend

  • CIO, CTO, IT and Enterprise Network executives, senior architects and network planning and management specialists responsible for the successful and cost-effective operation of IT
  • Application and IT professionals responsible for distributed storage, CRM, support, server consolidation, disaster Recovery, cloud computing, virtualization, SaaS, video, VoIP, applications and all high performance, high bandwidth large scale global applications etc.
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